Lama Batoma Moses

Lama Batoma Moses famously known as Lama, was born on august 15 to Lama Madeba, a late military officer, and Abrah, his mother. He is from a polygamous family and the 4th child of his mother. He served with the family at the Pentecost church at a tender age where he began to pursue music. He was an active member of the children ministry playing several roles in drama and poetry during Christmas, Easter and children’s day. He was baptized at age 12 at the Pentecost church. Lama is a graduate in Business and Marketing, as well as computer software programming. His love for soccer has been there since childhood making soccer his favorite hobby.
He joined Global evangelical church and was serviceable in various department of the church for several years as a lead vocalist of the church choir, Redemption Voice; director of drama and choreography for the children’s department. With his experience as a French teacher, he organized private classes for some of the pupil where he was paid 10gh a month per student. This elaborates the scripture Luke 16:10 which states “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.” Lama had this scripture at heart since childhood and started helping others irrespective of what they have. His life has affected many people because he knew what God purposed to do with his life even though he had never received a prophecy about his future, or career. Until a point where some men of God realized his ministry and said that what he has begun will one day become great. In an interview with Lama, he explained how An Angel of God appeared to him and asked him to go teach choreography and drama in a church. He also emphasized that he had no knowledge in these fields of art, yet he was granted the grace to succeed.
He later became the music director at the Genesis International Church. On days of rehearsal, Lama made it a point to get to the church premises early to clean and arrange the chairs before the others arrived. He did this as a service to God and mankind. The overseer of the Genesis International Church, Late Pastor Alphonse, sponsored Lama through Bible School after which sent him to Preach during church programs at their branch at Dapaah in the Volta Region of Ghana. He assisted Late Pastor Alphonse in things regarding the church especially in the space of spirituality. The Late Pastor Alphonse was pleased with the service lama granted. He removed his white shirt and placed it over him as a mantle saying, “I know you are a prophet, but I add my anointing and grace unto yours, for nobody has ever served me like you have done. Few months later, Late Pastor Alphonse gave him his blessings and sent him off to start his ministry just as God revealed.
Lama embarked on a 40-day fasting for his personal deliverance in 2014. In 2015, he again fasted for 40days for Holy Ghost impartation. He fasted for 40days in 2017 for grace to be able to finish his mission well. In 2018, he fasted for another 40days to win souls for Jesus after which he started his career as a musician. He produced his 1st album which made waves in the gospel community and gained several listening and praises in some African countries. Lama made appearances on several Television and radio shows with regards to his 1st album which was intended for a targeted audience. He toured locally and internationally ministering on huge Christian platforms. Some of the videos of his 1st album also gained airplay across the continent. Lama went back into the field of teaching, as he was directed by God to impact the lives of the children at HIS GRACE NEP SCHOOL. Even though the proprietor appreciated his services, his intention was to work without taking any wage or salary. Lama has been the backbone of many gospel musicians in Ghana and abroad, supporting them in Song writing, composing, video directing, concept scripting and many others. In 2016, lama decided to stay in the background in order to support the youth in their music career. Some of which are Mr. O – a RnB Gospel Singer, Samuel Aziati – a gospel highlife musician, Morphat- a 2-time award winning Gospel Afro-Dancehall Fusion artiste, Charlotte – a renowned Christian singer, Nii Dowuona Owoo and many others. Lama has won several awards amongst which he was acknowledged by Christian Gospel Revolution (CGR) for his good works done, and was awarded the best Songwriter 2019. Some of his compositions and artistes were also awarded. Lama usually organizes charity sessions where he gives out to orphans, schools and soccer players while nurturing them with the gospel of love, unity and Peace. Lama is currently rebranded as a Regg-Afro Artiste, which is a fusion of Reggae and Afro music. He is set to release another album to the 4 corners of the world. According to Lama, this is the time for a revolution in gospel music and people should to understand that God is music and He created everything. Gospel music must be regarded all over of the world. This is the time of impartation and soul winning. The story is yet to be told, stay connected....... GAMESU

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